Despite the rise of social networks and instant messaging, e-mail messages continue being the favorite method of interaction in business. They're also used by website visitors to contact the administrator or even for personal purposes if you'd like to save some data sent by a friend for future use. The e-mail service is far more than simply exchanging messages - it features forwarding, filters, autoresponders, mailing lists, and many others, that's why it would be convenient if you are able to handle all these things easily & intuitively. A neat instrument which offers you easy access to various attributes can save you time and it will make the management of your email communication an enjoyment, not a burden. Thus, you can focus on the specific content of the emails, rather than wasting time to do minor system tasks through hidden menus.

Antivirus Protection Shared Hosting

The email service, which is part of our shared hosting packages, is controlled through a feature-rich Email Manager instrument where you'll be able to access virtually everything you'll need regarding your e-mail accounts. The tool is a part of our custom-built Hepsia Control Panel and we have designed it with the objective to supply as many options as possible by using an intuitive interface. You'll be able to see all mailboxes that you have made listed in alphabetical order and with a peek you'll be able to see whether they are forwarded, if they're catch-up or if they have functioning anti-spam protection. Setting up any of these options takes only a few clicks. By right-clicking on any mailbox, you're able to gain access to context menus with more advanced attributes such as SPF protection. Your Email Manager will also allow you to access the webmail or download auto-configuration files for widely used mail apps like Microsoft Outlook and / or Apple Mail.

Antivirus Protection in Semi-dedicated Hosting

When you have a semi-dedicated server through our company, you're able to create a large number of mailboxes with any domain name that you host in your account and take care of them without difficulty using the feature-rich Email Manager, which is a part of the Hepsia website hosting Control Panel. With as little as two clicks you will be able to set a specific mailbox to be a catch-all one, enable anti-spam protection and even forward all of the incoming e-mail messages from one email address to an alternative one. For more advanced users, there're also SPF Protection and Mailing Lists tabs. Using the Email Manager, you can access the webmail for any mailbox, by clicking on it or you can download auto-setup files for Apple Mail, Outlook or various other popular e-mail apps for personal computers. In case you don't have much experience, comprehensive help articles will give you additional information about every single function of the Email Manager even though the tool is very intuitive to use.