Each time you upload a file on a web hosting server, it will take an amount of space on the hard drive dependent on its particular overall size. When you operate a script-driven website which saves its data in a database, it will require more space, the more people use it. For example, in the event that you have a discussion board, the greater amount of opinions people write, the bigger the database will get. Email messages, especially ones having attachments, also need some space in the site hosting account. The hard disk space quota that you will get with each shared hosting provider is the amount of information you may have at any given moment, it includes website files, emails as well as databases. Likewise, a computer has a hard disk and the programs installed on it as well as all of the documents and / or music files that you create or download require storage space, which can't surpass the full capacity of your hdd.

Disk Space in Semi-dedicated Hosting

When you buy a semi-dedicated server plan from us, you do not have to concern yourself with the hard disk space that you'll be able to use for the simple reason that this characteristic is unrestricted. Unlike many other hosting suppliers who promise an identical service, but create accounts using just a single machine where only so much hdds can be connected, we make use of an avant-garde cloud system that employs groups of servers. All your files will be kept on one cluster, your email messages on a different one, the databases on a third one etc. This type of platform features two noteworthy advantages - first, the hdd space will not finish since we'll add additional servers to any cluster that requires them, and second, the servers will work much more smoothly as they will control just a single kind of system processes. A semi-dedicated server package will give you the option to expand your sites as much as you want.